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Monash Ultimate Frisbee Club
Join one of Australia's premier Ultimate frisbee club!

Ultimate started at Monash University sometime in the late 1990's, died off and was restarted in the early 2000's. It wasn't until around 2006 that Monash Ultimate, or MUF, started to gain some momentum.

Come 2007, MUF's skill level further increased with many premier players joining the club. MUF came 4th at AUG's in that year, which was a big improvement on previous years, and they won 3 universe points in a row.

It wasn't until 2010 that MUF won their first Gold at AUG's, and so started the current era of MUF.
From 2010-2014, MUF has won:
■ 3 gold medals at AUG's and 1 silver
■ Monash University Club of the Year
■ Australia Flying Disc Federation Club of the Year

We have also grown from roughly 20 members, to in excess of 80. There have been a multitude of international players coming from MUF and we hope to continue in our success and our excellence as a club. We believe in developing our next generation of members, so players of all skill levels are welcome to join us.

MUF hosts a weekly social league every Wednesday during the Semester. It's the best way to get involved in the club, and we have coaches to help players of all skill levels to learn to play the game.

Social League Details:
When: Wednesday, 4-6pm
Where: On the fields behind Monash Sport, check our facebook page for the exact location

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