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About Us

About US

Ultimate Victoria (UV) is the State Sporting Association for the sport of Ultimate. UV is a volunteer organisation which facilitates and assists clubs, teams and individuals to take responsibility for activities which progress the sport of Ultimate.

Our Mission

UV is passionately committed to providing an inclusive, healthy and active community and developing new opportunities to grow, through the sport of Ultimate.

But what is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a unique team sport that combines elements of Soccer, Netball and AFL, but uses a frisbee instead of a ball. This fast paced, non-contact sport is a great cardio workout, improves hand-eye co-ordination, and develops new skills such as the backhand, forehand and overhead throws. The factor which makes Ultimate most unique (and the reason we love it) is the fact that it is completely self-refereed in all levels, even at World Championships.

Latest News


High School Gala Days

This year we are running a number of Gala Days across Victoria for both boys and girls in two age brackets, Year 7-9 and 10-12.